CARM Tours will NOT promote any Swim with Dolphin programs or zoos.

When I first started selling tours in Cancun I was given the opportunity to try the Swim with Dolphins program. I thought it was fun and a unique experience. I did not realize what the dolphins go through every day, and how cruel these programs are. I did not fully understand it until I watch this documentary about the capture process and how the trainer of the original "Flipper" is TOTALLY AGAINST dolphins in captivity.

I agree with him, the dolphins worst downfall is how they "appear" to be smiling. They are not happy in captivity. Would you be?

Before you give your money to these programs it is your DUTY to know the cruelity you are supporting.

My friend's young daughter did the Swim with Dolphins program and did not like it. Afterwards, she drew this. I think she truly understood the dolphin's emotions: