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CARM - Frequently Asked Questions
Last Minute Bookings...I leave for Cancun in a few hours. Can I still book online?
Sure! Also send us a quick email so we get your confirmation email to you right away. If it is after 8PM, we will send you the confirmation email first thing in the morning.

I can't print out my confirmation email, but I have it on my phone. Is that ok?
Yep, that works just fine. As long as you have our contact info and you know your pickup location and time, you are all set.

Why should I book online in advance?
Airport Transfers: You MUST book in advance. If you just show up at the airport, we can't take you. Tours: You will find our prices are in line with other websites, and less than most hotels. Booking in advance locks in the price and since we email you the confirmations you will already have all the details in hand. Don't waste your vacation time making these arrangements...instead book in advance online!

Is it safe to book online?
Booking online is 100% secure. We use only proven secure pages for our payments. We never share your personal information with anyone, ever. If you need to contact us about your reservation you can call, email or live chat with us anytime. When deciding who to book with, be sure to check out the cancellation policies of each website.

Why choose CARM to handle your reservations?
We are American expats that have been living in Cancun since 2003. We have first-hand access to all the valuable info you need about Cancun and the Riviera Maya. Come let us show you our favorite things to do!

Will you pick me up at my hotel for my tour?
Some tours include pickup at your hotel lobby, while others do not. Check each tour for transportation details.

How do I know where to find my driver at the airport?
Your confirmation email will give you all the details, but basically after you clear customs and immigration you have to go all the out the sliding glass doors. Once the Cancun heat hits you, look for the CARM logo and your name on the sign. We'll be tracking you flight and waiting for you.

How long does it take to get from the CUN Airport to my hotel?
It only takes about 20-30 minutes to get from the Airport to the Cancun Hotel Zone. For locations in the Rivera Maya, check out this handy table of distances in kilometers and miles.

Can I get a taxi from the CUN Airport to my hotel?
There are taxis at the airport, however they charge about double the price as our private transfers.

What is the legal drinking age in Mexico?
The legal drinking age in Mexico is 18 years old. You will need to show ID for tours like the party hopper Cancun and the Playa bar crawl.

Can we go topless in Cancun?
Only in certain resorts. Temptation Resort allows women to go topless, but not on the beach. On the beach you cannot go topless. There are also clothing optional resorts, like Desire Resort & Spa and Hidden Beach in Akumal. Toplessness seems to be widely accepted in Playa del Carmen.

Will my electric devices plug in and work in Mexico?
Yes, if you are coming from United States or Canada. All of Cancun and the Riviera Maya use the same electrical outlets as the United States. If you are coming from Europe, or any country that uses 220 volts, you will need the proper adapters.

Will my cell phone work in Mexico?
Check with your cell service provider before coming to Cancun. Some do offer international roaming. There is local cellular service. Most cell phones will work, but they must be reprogrammed by the local service provider. If you bring your own, it will need to be reprogrammed. Also, remember to keep your phone charged and bring your phone charger. Phone charger is the #3 most forgotten item not packed for vacations.

Money: Can I use my credit cards? ATMs?
Yes, most restaurants and shopping centers accept credit cards, but most process the charge in pesos. Your bank will convert the charge back into dollars and charge you a small foreign transaction fee. Most ATMs here will give you pesos, however there are a few that dispense US Dollars. Read more info on Mexican money and currency conversion.

What is the weather like?
Short answer: Hot and sunny. Long answer: The coolest months are January and February and the hottest time in Cancun is June and July. Read more about Cancun weather here. On the beach we get a soft, continuous breeze. Weather systems move though here very quickly.

Can I drink the water? Is the ice safe?
You should only drink bottled or purified water. All restaurants, even the dive bars in downtown only serve purified water and ice made with purified water. Refrain from drinking tap water.

Can we buy Cuban cigars to take home?
You can BUY them in Mexico, however they are expensive. You CANNOT take them back to the U.S., but if you are returning to Canada it is OK. Beware of counterfeits.

Can we get married in Cancun?
Cancun is a very romantic location for your destination wedding. You should hire someone who speaks the language and understands the legal requirements and procedures. You do not want to spend all of your time in Cancun running around after all of the necessary papers and permits.

Are there hospitals and doctors available?
Yes, Cancun offers some very modern medical facilities. Also, most resorts have an in house doctor or a doctor on call.

Is it expensive to eat out in Cancun?
There are some great seafood and steak houses in Cancun. Some are more expensive than others. Read our Affordable Restaurant Guide for more info.

What is the Montezuma's Revenge?
Also called Travelers' diarrhea, Montezuma's Revenge affects 20% - 50% of international travelers. Along with diarrhea, symtoms also include abdominal cramps, nausea, and bloating. The best means of prevention is to avoid any questionable foods or beverages. Traveler's diarrhea is fundamentally a sanitation failure, leading to bacterial contamination of drinking water and food. Most cases are mild and resolve in a few days without treatment, but be sure to stay hydrated.

I don't speak Spanish. Is that a problem?
Most folks that vacation in Cancun and the Riviera Maya do not speak Spanish. Most hotel front desk staff, concierge & wait staff speak English or at least enough English to communicate with you. Just be patient, speak clearly and SMILE! Laughter will break all language barriers.

How do I pay for my Airport Transfers?
At time of booking you are given the choice of payment by PayPal or credit card. All transactions are done on secure encrypted pages. Tip to the driver can be in USD, Canadian dollars, or Mexican pesos.

What time will you pick me up to go back to the CUN Airport?
We will back up your flight time to allow for drive time to the airport plus 2.5 hours for international check in at the CUN Airport. Your pickup time will be on your confirmation email.

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