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CARM Tours & Transfers - Public Bus Tips

The public bus system in Cancun has gotten much better over the years. The city has recently added new buses with air conditioning, however the older buses are still in use.


As of 2012, the cost is 8.50 pesos per person (about $0.70 US at 12 to 1 exchange). They only take pesos and it is easiest to have coins for the driver.



NOTE: If you know which bus you want and you see it coming, hold your arm out and the driver will usually stop for you.


When you get to your destination move quickly. Ring the dinger if it works. If it doesn't work scream stop [Spanish: alto] and move to the door and exit.


NOTE: Do not rely on asking the driver to stop at your destination. Even if you do and the driver says okay, chances are he will forget. You will not know and end up at the end of the line in the middle of nowhere, wondering what to do next when the driver gets off the bus for a taco break.


In the Cancun hotel zone you can take any bus to go up and down the strip to any of the malls or beaches.




There are many bus routes, such as R-1, R-2, R-15 & R 27.


If you are traveling within the hotel zone , it doesn’t matter which bus you get on. If you are going all the way to Wet n’Wild, look for Wet n’ Wild listed on the front window because not all buses go there.


R-2, R-15 If you are traveling downtown to Walmart or Market 28, look for Walmart, or Kabah written on the front window of the bus.


R-1 If you’re going to the downtown bus station, Kiu-Huic market, Market 23, or La Habichuela restaurant look for the R-1 bus, or Tulum or Juarez written in the front window.


R-27 Goes to Plaza Las Americas mall.


Information courtesy of Travel Yucatan and