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CARM Packing list for your Cancun Vacation
  • #1 is Sunscreen Biodegradable Only $12 here
  • Can-do Cancun MAP - these maps are the perfect little guides. We sell them in the CARM Map Room
  • Gel hand sanitizer
  • Handy wet wipes
  • Zip Lock bags. These are so handy to put your wallet and phone in when you will be near the water
  • Lip balm (high spf)
  • Small child back pack. This comes in SO handy when you just need carry a few things, esp on tours. Pack it with souvenirs to bring back from Cancun.
  • Garbage bag for dirty clothes
  • Alka Seltzer, Excedrin - your favorite hangover cure
  • Tums, Immodium, Pepto. Stomach issues are common.
  • Aloe gel for sunburn or After Sun Lotion
  • A hat, cap or visor
  • Water shoes, flip flops, or sport sandals
  • Insect repellent
  • Underwater Camera
  • Small bills for tipping
  • At least one dressier outfit for dinner/night clubs
  • Extra empty duffel bag to pack the souveniers you buy
  • Sunglasses are a MUST! Cheap ones are better for the beach
  • Swimsuits & Sarong. If you don't have a swimsuit, you can buy good ones at the mall or cheap ones at Walmart.
  • Shorts & light shirt/blouse
  • Extra t-shirts to get comfy after a day at the beach
  • During winter months, bring a jacket. Nights are cool
  • Travel umbrella
  • Reading material
  • Passport, Travel Documents, tickets, perferrably all in one place. You won't get far without them :)
  • Prescription Meds & copy of prescriptions
  • Photocopy of ID's & Credit Card information

Tips for packing:


  • Roll clothes instead of folding. Saves room and less wrinkles
  • Less is better. If you don't NEED it, don't bring it. Stores here in Cancun have most things you might want.
  • If there is a certain kind / brand of something you enjoy, bring it. Tea, coffee, cigarettes, etc. While you can surely find something similar here, if you only want your brand then bring it with you.
  • Biodegradable Sunblock is hard to find in the states. Order it here and have it waiting for you in Cancun.
  • No need to bring towels if you are staying in a resort.
  • Put liquids in Zip lock bags. So many times the spill out into your luggage
  • Pack bathing suits, lotion, and other beachwear at the top in your luggage so you can access them in case you arrive at the resort before regular check-in time. It will be the first thing you need!
  • Generally Cancun is very casual, but you will want a nice outfit or two for clubs and nicer restaurants.