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CARM - Explore the Riviera Maya With Timeshares

The Riviera Maya is one of Mexico's most beautiful and highly-desirable vacation destinations. Miles of white sand beaches, crisp turquoise waters and rainbow coral reefs make this destination a favorite for outdoor adventurers and luxury-seekers alike. Riviera Maya has long been a favorite travel spot, and as such many luxury and all-inclusive resorts have cropped up alongside the hotel style lodgings.

One increasingly popular accommodation option for lodging in the Riviera Maya is to buy a timeshare here. These vacation properties make it possible for owners to return to their favorite Riviera Maya resort year after year, without breaking the bank. That's because timeshares are shared among multiple owners. Each owner can choose to vacation from one to four weeks at a resort and they'll pay for only what they use. Other owners will use the property when you're not, and you'll all share the cost.

Additionally, timeshares can be purchased on the resale market for thousands less than you'd pay when buying directly from the resort. Resale timeshares are exactly the same property you'd get buying direct, but are offered for sale by previous or current owners. Your best bet in finding an affordable resale timeshare for sale is to work with a reputable third-party reseller like With companies like this, owners can sell timeshare with the help of a knowledgeable staff and closing company, and buyer can find great deals. You can also find resale companies with licensed timeshare brokers and real estate agents on staff, who can be skilled in matching you to the perfect resort property for your needs.

There are literally hundreds of timeshares in Riviera Maya to choose from, but some stand out as industry favorites.The Grand Mayan Riviera Maya , for example, is an RCI Gold Crown Rated, Five-Star Resort located just 15 minutes from the town of Playa del Carmen. Another stunning property is the Palace Resorts at Aventura Spa Palace in Puerto Aventuras. This resort is also RCI Gold Crown and Five-Star Rated and offers adults-only, all-inclusive luxury accommodations. Set on 75-acre expanse of the Riviera Maya, this resort is sheer luxury.

And if you're not ready to buy a timeshare, but would like to conduct some hands-on research to determine if they're right for you in the future, you can always get a timeshare rental at one of the beautiful properties in the area. Renting can save vacationers hundreds while at the same time securing them with luxury accommodations.