Terminal 4 at Cancun Airport – BEWARE OF TRANSPORTATION SCAMS!


Transportation SCAMS at Terminal 4 Cancun Airport

The new terminal 4 at Cancun Airport is having a HUGE problem with the unauthorized taxi drivers scamming people as they arrive. This is the problem:

The design of the building leads people to think they should exit at “Friends & Family” exit (this goes into the DEPARTURES AREA ) instead of the correct exit at “Ground Transportation” (ARRIVALS AREA).

Antonio, your friendly CARM representative. Always look for the CARM logo when you exit!

The unauthorized taxi drivers (called ‘pirate taxis’) cannot enter the Ground Transportation where all of the authorized transportation companies are waiting for their pre-booked arrivals. They must wait for people to take the WRONG exit and then try to get you to go with them. Their spiel is usually the same. They ask if you need help finding your transportation company. Or they say they ARE your transportation company or even say,“I’ll call the office for you and have you talk to them. (they make a call on their own phone, actually dialing the number of  a friend who is part of the scam). The person on the phone goes as far as to ask for your confirmation number, and tells you that your CARM driver left, and it will be 2 hours before they can come back for you. But, you should take this taxi and CARM will reimburse you later FOR BOTH YOUR MISSED VAN AND THE TAXI”. They then charge you an exorbitant rate.  And you have been scammed.

It is important for you to know:

  • DO NOT exit the “Friends and Family” exit. If you have gone through the sliding glass doors and passed the Coconut Bar on your right, you are going the WRONG WAY. If you are here, turn around AND GO BACK INSIDE-The correct exit will now be on your right:

Friends & Family Exit: If you are here TURN AROUND AND GO BACK INSIDE


  • The “Ground Transportation” exit has a long, long walkway once you are outside (300 meters) with a green wall to your left. At the end of this walkway are bathrooms and all of the transportation company representatives holding signs. This is what the CORRECT GROUND TRANSPORTATION EXIT will look like once outside:

This is what the CORRECT GROUND TRANSPORTATION EXIT will look like once outside

  • Your CARM will NEVER leave without you, even if your flight was delayed 8 hours. If you have a confirmed reservation with CARM, we will be there. We track ALL arriving flights. We never send Arrivals with taxis, EVER
  • You must dial our phone numbers yourself if it is necessary to call. DO NOT ever allow people to make calls on your behalf
  • If you call CARM, you will ONLY be speaking to women. There are ONLY THREE women who answer the CARM phone: Trina, Norma, or Sally
  • Heads up, one of the taxi pirates has been using the name “Robert Garcia”. There is no such person at CARM. The best rule is do not speak to strangers

Below is photo of a “ticket” that one of the pirate taxi drivers gave to a client, telling them, this was their ticket for reimbursement. You will see that it has NO INFORMATION ABOUT CARM OR ANY OTHER COMPANY on it. It is fake. This scam is very organized:

Please don’t fall for this! Here are the Terminal 4 exit instructions you will find on your confirmation voucher:
After customs, EXIT LEFT out the doors BEFORE the Welcome bar. DO NOT go to the Friends & Family exit. Walk along the sidewalk with the green wall on your left. At the end look for the CARM sign with your name it, close to the bathrooms.

WARNING: if you decide to go with the pirate taxis, we cannot offer a refund or reimbursement for taxi.

Please share this information with all of your friends and family who will be visiting Cancun. The more people that spread the word, the less people will be taken advantage of!




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