Pet-Friendly Transportation in Cancun

My dog Bailey at the beach

My dog Bailey at the beach


Here at CARM Tours & Transfers, we offer a pet-friendly transportation service. It is recommended that you keep your pet in it’s carrier or crate while in the vehicle for everyone’s safety.

We can handle any size or number of pets in our private transportation vehicles. Book your Cancun Airport Transfers with pets here.


Mexico Dept. of Agriculture Requirements

  • If the pet is under 3 months of age, it requires a Health Certificate
  • If the pet is older than 3 months of age, it requires a Health Certificate and Vaccination card, specifying the application of rabies vaccine with a validity no longer than 1 year. These documents must be presented in original and copy.
  • It is very important to assure that the documents match with your pet data (age, breed, color, sec., etc.) and in this way avoid problems in the procedure of entering Mexico.
  • The HEALTH CERTIFICATE must be showed in headed paper with the printed Professional License or Photocopy of the medical Veterinary License who issues the certificate. WITH THE DATE no older than 5 DAYS, including the health status of the pet and that it HAS BEEN TREATED AGAINST ENDOPARASITES and ECTOPARASITES within 6 months prior to your trip and that it is free from any internal and external parasite.
  • Your pet will be physically reviewed by Official Personnal from Agriculture and Livestock Production Health from SAGARPA, and if coming from a country with presence of foot and mouth disease or from zones in risk, a prophylactic treatment will be given to your pet, free of charge.
  • The import of one or two pets is free. No animal bedding or similar products is allowed.

Note from former traveler to Cancun:

Now, we had had my dog’s health and vaccination records with us which stated that the vet had supplied external parasite medication. The Health certificate, however, did not specifically state that she was “free from parasites”. And, the inspector wanted not only that on the certificate, but also the specific medication given – eg, Frontline. It was a real hangup and we spent an hour in customs before we were able to move on, with a finger wagging from them and a warning for ‘next time’.

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Tips for bringing your pet to the hotel

  • In the Lobby: Make sure to ask if pets are allowed in the lobby as even some pet-friendly hotels still do now allow them to be in the lobby.
  • In the Room: Never leave your dog alone in the hotel room. The #1 reason that a hotel chooses to not allow dogs is because people leave them alone in the room. Even well-trained dogs can cause damage inside the room or they bark or scare the housekeepers.
  • Use the Do Not Disturb sign on the door and use the deadbolt to guard against frightening the housekeeping staff.
  • Take your dog as far away as possible from the hotel and landscaped areas around the hotel. Some hotels even have a designated pet walk area.

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