November 28 – weather


It rained again last night, but a light and gentle shower. By 7AM is was cool and clear, a lovely 75F. I walked my dogs with in a t-shirt and shorts and was very comfortable.

By noon it was 81F and a little cloudy. Still shorts and t-shirt weather. The ocean is warm, about 82F throughout the month of November. Check out MapChick’s excellent graphs for water temps.

At 8:30 PM it is 66F and you could use a little warmer clothing, like longer sleeves or capri pants. It is still very calm and nice. They are calling for a 30% chance of rain, but nothing yet.

Tonight is the full moon.

November 14 weather


Well, not a great day for laying out. It rained on and off all day. Cloudy, cool and drizzling rain. We did not have any flooding however. Most times when in rains in Cancun it pours for 30 minutes flooding all the streets, then stops. That was not the case this time.

This has inspired me to post about Things To Do On Vacation When It Rains – Your Plan B.

It was still shorts and t-shirt weather, even with the rain. I understand further inland at Chichen Itza it was not raining at all and the cooler day made touring the ruins a delight.

November 7 weather


Today we had a high of 84F (28.8C) and it was clear most of the day. From 9AM – 9:30AM it rained a nice little shower; and it stopped raining by 10AM. After that it was clear and sunny. Binikis and shorts weather. ¬†Tonight low will be in the low 60’s (17.2C) so it is best to have a light jacket.