April 2013 Weather in Cancun


April is a beautiful and busy time in Cancun. The Spring Breakers are gone. The pools are not frigid. The weather is warm, but not blazing hot like in the summer. April is Cancun’s driest month with just an average of 2 rain days, however this year has been extraordinarily dry.

High temps average 88.7 F (31.5 C) with low temperatures at 74 F (23.4 C) which is a pleasant temperature for anything you want to do outdoors. The water temp is a perfect 80 F (27 C).

April Weather in Cancun

March 2013 Weather in Cancun


March in Cancun is a crazy, beautiful time. The beaches are full of young bodies on Spring Break. Be prepared for crowded bars and night clubs that party until well after daylight.
The weather is all over the place…warm and sunny 85F one day and cold and rainy the next. We have put away our warm blankets 3 times, only to get them back out a few days later.

It is quite windy also. There were many days with strong winds which causes the ports to close. In Cancun there is a port authority that determines when it is too windy to allow boats on the ocean. On windy days your fishing, snorkeling and diving tours will be cancelled.

March weather in Cancun

February 2013 Weather in Cancun


February in Cancun is a wonderful. High temps in the mid-80’s, lows in the upper 60’s, usually just before the sun comes up. It is also one of the driest months of the year. Water temp is an average of 78F/26C.

By the end of the month we are seeing warmer temps. The cool winter is left behind and replaced with high humidity. Average daytime humidity is 58%, while the nighttime humidity reaches a whopping 95%! You don’t feel this as much when you on close to the ocean as the breeze helps. The further into the jungle you go the steamier it gets.

February 2013 weather in Cancun

Courtesy of www.AccuWeather.com

January 2013 Weather in Cancun


January is the coolest month of the year in Cancun, yet still perfect beach weather. You can swim in the ocean and sunbath in the warm Caribbean sunshine. The average high temperature is 81F (27C) and the average low at night is 67F (19C). The water temperature is 81F (27C).

It is coolest in the early morning and we reach our peak highest temps in the early afternoon.

There are a few days where long pants or light jackets are appropriate, however t-shirt and shorts are worn most days.

January 2013 weather in Cancun
Courtesy of www.AccuWeather.com

November 28 – weather


It rained again last night, but a light and gentle shower. By 7AM is was cool and clear, a lovely 75F. I walked my dogs with in a t-shirt and shorts and was very comfortable.

By noon it was 81F and a little cloudy. Still shorts and t-shirt weather. The ocean is warm, about 82F throughout the month of November. Check out MapChick’s excellent graphs for water temps.

At 8:30 PM it is 66F and you could use a little warmer clothing, like longer sleeves or capri pants. It is still very calm and nice. They are calling for a 30% chance of rain, but nothing yet.

Tonight is the full moon.

November 23 – Weather Stats


November 23, 2012
Temperature High: 79F
Temperature Low: 63F
Chance of Rain: 20%
Wind: 8 MPH from the east
Humidity: 62%
Sunrise: 6:03 AM
Sunset: 5:05 PM

November 18 weather – hour by hour


This morning started off cool and cloudy. At 7 AM it was drizzling rain, but that changed quickly. By 9:30 AM the clouds had broken up and it was mostly clear.

At 10:30 AM it was 75F (24C) and clear.
Wind is 8 MPH from the north.
Humidity 69%

11:30A AM – spitting rain just a tiny bit. Partly cloudy.
79F (26C)

1 PM – Cloudy again. No rain yet, but it looks like it might rain soon.
77F (25C)

2 PM – very cloudy but has not rained any.
77F (25C)

3:30 PM – very cloudy, windy.
73F (23C)

5 PM – starting to get dark early because of the cloud cover. I took my dogs on a 30 min walk and when we got about 3 blocks from home it POURED on us. We ran home, soaking wet. No fun at all. The downpour lasted about 20 min.

6 PM – fully dark now, clear and cool. It is still t-shirt and shorts weather, but some folks might like a light jacket.

November 14 weather


Well, not a great day for laying out. It rained on and off all day. Cloudy, cool and drizzling rain. We did not have any flooding however. Most times when in rains in Cancun it pours for 30 minutes flooding all the streets, then stops. That was not the case this time.

This has inspired me to post about Things To Do On Vacation When It Rains – Your Plan B.

It was still shorts and t-shirt weather, even with the rain. I understand further inland at Chichen Itza it was not raining at all and the cooler day made touring the ruins a delight.

November 11 – Weather Stats


Here’s my first Weather Stats Post. Please let me know your thoughts and suggestions.

November 11, 2012
Temperature High: 82F (27.7C) at 10:47 AM
Temperature Low: 69F (20.5C)
Chance of Rain: 10%
Wind: East at 9MPH
Humidity: 76%
Sunset: 5:07PM

It did rain last night, but by early morning (6AM) it was totally clear, warm and lovely. Beautiful day in Cancun!

November 7 weather


Today we had a high of 84F (28.8C) and it was clear most of the day. From 9AM – 9:30AM it rained a nice little shower; and it stopped raining by 10AM. After that it was clear and sunny. Binikis and shorts weather. ¬†Tonight low will be in the low 60’s (17.2C) so it is best to have a light jacket.