Golden Parnassus – Day Pass


We spent the day at our favorite Adult Only All Inclusive resort, the Golden Parnassus. Since we live in Cancun we try to do a ‘stay-cation’ as often as we can afford it. We have 3 doggies at home, so a day pass works well for us.

Breakfast is a treat. The Golden Parnassus has an omelette grill to get your eggs cooked anyway you like. Lots of fresh fruit and all the usual American breakfast foods are on the buffet.

Next we head out to the pool to soak up the warm Cancun sun. The hotel is perfect for us because they do play some music, but not loud and they do have some entertainment, but not crazy. Just very relaxing. We order a couple of drinks before we find the perfect one. Miami Vice, piƱa colada, sex on the beach…nah, too sweet. We switched to beer by afternoon.

Now it’s time for lunch. [Read more…]