Spay & Neuter Clinic for Cats and Dogs in Cancun

CANDi Spay and Neuter Clinic Jan 2013This is one of the things we volunteer our time for and love doing. The spay and neuter clinics in Cancun have become very popular and this week the goal is to spay or neuter 1,000 animals. These clinics are sponsored and organized by CANDi (Cats And Dogs International), headed by Darci Galati. Their efforts to help control the stray population and the number of unwated cats and dogs has been truly outstanding.

In the photo above you can see the surgery area in the back behind the blue screen. After surgery the dogs come to the Recovery tables on the right. Once they begin to wake up the animals are moved to the floor to be with their owners as they come out of anesthesia.

The clinic is held in Bonfil, close to the Cancun Airport, from Jan 11 to Jan 16. After the clinic is over there will be a concert on Isla Mujeres starring country singer Craig Moritz. Tickets are $15 and proceeds go to the animal shelters.

This is a great cause to volunteer for; during your vacation you might want to check out which local programs you can donate your time or money to. Vets, vet techs and volunteers fly in from the US and Canada to organize these clinics. We are very appreciative for everything they do to help the animal overpopulating in Cancun.

Animal Shelter in Cancun

There are several really great organizations in Cancun to help with the large population of stray cats and dogs. The problem is that all of these shelters are relying on outside donations to keep their doors open. Cancun, as far as I know, does not have a city, state, or federally funded program at all.

A very good friend of ours had a large yard and started taking in street dogs and cats. Before he knew it he had 20 dogs and his yard was full, not to mention his neighbors did not like it one bit. So he moved out of Cancun about 25 kilometers to a place with LOTS of land. Now his animal shelter Tierra de Animales is home to over 200 dogs and [Read more…]