Lost Tourist Visa Card – What happens if you lose your tourist visa while in Mexico?


When you arrive to Cancun International Airport you are issued an FMM form (Forma Migratoria Multiple). This form is your Tourist Visa. The Immigration agent at the Cancun Airport will stamp it and give you half of it to keep until you leave Mexico. Most visas are valid for 30, 60 or 90 days. You MUST keep up with this important document. Put it with your passport and your plane tickets.

On your departure date you will surrender your Tourist Visa when you check in at the Cancun Airport. The Tourist Visa is your proof you entered Mexico legally. If you try to check in with your airline to leave Mexico without your Tourist Card, here is the procedure:

You need to fill out a form, take it to any branch of the bank Banamex, and pay a fee. The bank will give you a receipt, which you have to take back to the Immigration Office at the airport in order to receive your replacement Tourist Visa Card.

Mexican Form for lost Tourist Visa

You are not supposed to pay any Immigration Officer at the airport. It is against the law to pay the officer directlyhowever, if the bank is closed then you might be asked to pay the officer or you might get lucky and they won’t charge you at all.  My advice is to always be polite and do what you are told to do. The fee can range from $25 USD to 525 pesos. Be prepared to pay this fee.

Will you miss your flight if you don’t have your Tourist Visa Card? Do not think that the Immigration officer must help you in time for you to make your flight. If you do not arrive to the airport in time to fill out the forms, pay the fees and receive a new visa, you may miss your flight. Also, if you are rude to the officer they will probably delay assisting you. Explain your situation to the Officer with respect.
Immigration form MexicoCan I get a new Tourist Visa before my departure date?  Yes. If you realize you have lost your tourist visa before your departure date, you can first go to the Immigration office to get the form, then to any Banamex bank branch to pay the fee, then back to the Immigration office to receive you replacement tourist visa card.


Cancun Immigration Office
Located in downtown Cancun City on the corner of Avenida Nader and Avenida Uxmal.
Open: 9:00 am – 12:00 pm Monday – Friday

Playa del Carmen Immigration Office
Located in Plaza Antiguas
Open 9:00 am – 4:00 pm Monday – Friday

Insider tip: Anytime you have to pay, GET A RECEIPT. This is critical, especially if you have to pay the officer directly when the banks are closed.




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